Spatial Variations in Mortality Due to Heat Waves in Southern Spain

Dariya Ordanovic, ESRI Spain
Diego Ramiro-FariƱas, Spanish National Research Counsel (CSIC)
Francisco Viciana, Junta de Andalucia

This study provides a comprehensive analytical insight on the effects of extreme summer temperatures on human health and survival on mid and short-term time scales. We gathered relevant meteorological and air quality measurements for 2000-2016 and performed time-space data mining to capture local patterns of heat wave phenomenon across Andalusia. Specific attention was payed to temperature fluctuations with particular focus on large urban areas. We explored causal relationship between the cumulative exposures and mortality by age, sex and cause of death in various locations at a daily time-scale. Individual demographic and socioeconomic data were derived from the Longitudinal Statistics on Survival and Longevity of Andalusia and aggregated to cells with smallest resolution of 10 sq. km. To perform a complex analysis of spatial and non-spatial data we developed a series of integrated R-Python models which showed a robust performance and flexibility.

Presented in Session 32: Innovative Data and Methods in Population and Development