Behind Every Successful (Wo)Man Is a Successful Parent-in-Law?

Jani Erola, University of Turku
Sanna Kailaheimo, University of Turku
Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, University of Turku
Antti Tanskanen, University of Turku

It is well known that children with high status parents attain higher socioeconomic status in adulthood compared to children with low status parents. However, there is a lack of studies investigating whether parents-in-law boost the socioeconomic success of their children-in-law. Using Finnish Census Panel data of over 98 278 individuals born between 1970 and 1979 who are followed from the age of 18 to the age of 35–40 we study whether the resources of the parents-in-law have an effect on status attainment. We find that the ISEI of the parents-in-law is positively associated with one’s own status. This holds even after taking into account the status of one’s own parents, the status of the partner, and both own and partner’s education. Interaction analysis suggest that the effect of the parents-in-law differs by the resources of the parents-in-law.

Presented in Session 91: Linked Lives and the Lifecourse