Towards a Precise and Accurate Analysis of the Situation of Two-Home Children in France from New Demographic Panel Data

Sebastien Durier, INSEE
Benjamin Marteau, Institut national d’études démographiques (INED)
Laurent Toulemon, Institut National d’Études Démographiques

Among children from separated parents, most live with their mother, but the proportion of children commuting between the two parental homes is not negligible. The aim of the current paper is to construct consistent estimates from the available data sources on children from separated parents, and to provide, for the first time, a description of family situation of children commuting between both parental homes based on the complete information combining both households. Except in case of specific surveys base on a sample of separated couples (Kitterød and Lyngstad 2011), it is almost impossible to combine information for all households where the children usually live in.

In France, three sets of data may be used to study multiple residence of children: household surveys including a question on another “usual residence” for each member of the household (Toulemon and Denoyelle, 2012). Second, the 2011 Family and Housing Survey, conducted within the census (Lapinte and Buisson, 2017). Third, the Demographic panel which includes information from the census, vital statistics and, since 2011, tax data, and allows estimating double counts at census, as well as describing the household composition and the family situation of inhabitants in their both households (Toulemon et al. 2016).

Our aim is threefold. First, to reconcile estimates of multiple residence from these three data sources. Second, to accurately describe the social differentials in the probability to live in more than one home among children of separated parents. Third, to take benefit of situations where the same children are present twice in the census the same year to accurately describe their family situation in both households.

Presented in Session 28: Family Complexity and Diversity