Generations & Gender Programme GGP

Anne H. Gauthier, NIDI
Tom Emery, NIDI
Susana Cabaco, NIDI

Generations & Gender Programme (GGP), GGP Contextual Database;

The Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) is a cross-national infrastructure for research on population dynamics and family change. So far, twenty-four countries have participated in the GGP providing rich information on topics such as the transition to adulthood, the relationships between generations, changes in the social roles of women and men, fertility decisions, and complex families. Its longitudinal structure includes a retrospective element, which captures people’s partnership and fertility histories, while its prospective element allows researcher to follow people over time. The data are open-access and accessible via a web interface (for online browsing) and download (for registered users).

This presentation will cover two main topics. The first part will introduce the current infrastructure including practical information regarding data access and data documentation, as well as the GGP contextual database. The second part will be devoted to the innovations that are currently being introduced in the GGP and what researchers can expect as the GGP prepares for a new round of data collection in 2020. This includes a more centralized and standardized model of data collection and management, including the use of the latest surveys technologies, as well as a three-country experiment focused on the effects of a ‘push-to-web’ strategy on response rates and data quality.

Presented in Session 1238: Data and Methods