Thursday, June 7 / 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM   •   D0.03

Session 10:
Internal Migration and Residential Segregation

Chair: Albert Sabater, University of St Andrews

  1. Settlement Trajectories of New Immigrants in Switzerland: A Multilevel Perspective on Location Choices and Internal MobilityJonathan Zufferey, University of Geneva

  2. Can Public Housing Decrease Segregation? Lessons and Challenges from Non-European Immigration in FranceSorana Toma, INED ; Gregory Verdugo, Université Paris I

  3. Patterns of White Avoidance, Residential Mobility, and Integration in Diverse Cities and CommunitiesDaniel Lichter, Cornell University ; Domenico Parisi, Mississippi State University

  4. Socioeconomic Segregation in European Cities. a Comparative Study of Brussels, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo, and StockholmRafael Costa, Vrije Universiteit Brussel ; Karen Haandrikman, Stockholm University, Department of Human Geography ; Bo Malmberg, Stockholm University ; Adrian Farner Rogne, University of Oslo ; Bart Sleutjes, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute

Other sessions on Internal Migration and Urbanization