Saturday, June 9 / 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM   •   Room D0.08

Session 1070:
Big Data and Data Analysis

Chair: Emilio Zagheni, University of Washington

  1. Internet Use and Health. Exploring the Role of Social Capital Valentina Rotondi, Bocconi University; Luca Stella, Bocconi University; Nicoletta Balbo, Bocconi University;

  2. “Brexodus?”: A Longitudinal Approach to Investigate European Migration to the UK Using the Facebook Advertising Platform Agnese Vitali, University of Southampton; Emilio Zagheni, University of Washington; Ingmar Weber, Qatar Computing Research Institute; Jakub Bijak, University of Southampton; Francesco Rampazzo, University of Southampton;

  3. A Longitudinal Analysis of Severe Poverty in Spain before and after the Crisis Using Charity Data Andreu Domingo, CENTRE D''ESTUDIS DEMOGRAFICS; Albert Sabater, University of St Andrews; Juan Galeano, Centre d''Estudis Demogràfics;

  4. The Generations & Gender Survey: The Future of a Cross-National Survey Online Tom Emery, NIDI;

Other sessions on Data and Methods