Friday, June 8 / 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM   •   Room 'Auditorium QC'

Session 1084:
Residential Mobility and Return Migration of Immigrants

Chair: Elisabeth K. Kraus, Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB)

  1. Say Goodbye and Hit the Road. Gender, Education, and Citizenship As Key Factors Among Short-Term Onward Migration Planners Elisa Barbiano di Belgiojoso, University of Milano - Bicocca; Livia Elisa Ortensi, University of Milan - Bicocca;

  2. Settlement Decisions of Polish Migrants in the Netherlands. Do Linked Lives Matter? Helga de Valk, Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI-KNAW); Tom De Winter, University of Groningen;

  3. Rather Changing Region Than Country: Patterns of Internal and International Migration during Economic Crises in Italy and Spain Joaquín Recaño, Center of Demographic Studies - UAB; Victoria Prieto, Universidad de la República;

Other sessions on International Migration and Migrant Populations