Friday, June 8 / 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM   •   Room D0.08

Session 1121:
Social Capital and Wellbeing Among Immigrants

Chair: Bruno Arpino, Pompeu Fabra University

  1. Citizenship Status Transitions in the Migrant Life Course: A Typology Swantje Falcke, Maastricht University; Maarten Vink, Maastricht University;

  2. Immigrants’ Subjective Integration: Life Satisfaction Among Immigrants in Italy Angela Paparusso, Institute of research on population and social policies CNR-IRPPS; Elena Ambrosetti, Sapienza Università di Roma;

  3. Age at Arrival and the Integration Trajectories of Childhood Refugees Ben Wilson, Stockholm University; Linna Marten, Stanford University; Moritz Marbach, ETH Zurich; Dominik Hangartner, ETH Zurich; Jens Hainmueller, Stanford University;

  4. Poverty and Housing Overcrowding Among Immigrant Children in an Emerging Destination Country: Evidence from Finland Ognjen Obucina, INED; Ilari Ilmakunnas, Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare;

  5. Migration Background and Social Well-Being: The Role of Trust in Others Annelene Wengler, Robert Koch Institute; Anne-Kristin Kuhnt, Universität Duisburg-Essen;

Other sessions on International Migration and Migrant Populations