Saturday, June 9 / 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM   •   Room D0.03

Session 1168:
Routes to Parenthood

Chair: Ann Evans, Australian National University

  1. Local Childcare Availability and Dual-Earner Fertility - Variation in Childcare Coverage and Birth Hazards over Place and Time Jonas Wood, University of Antwerp; Karel Neels, University of Antwerp;

  2. Explaining the Unexpected Decline of Teenage Fertility in England: An Ecological Study Ann Berrington, University of Southampton; Katie L Heap, University of Southampton; Roger Ingham, University of Southampton;

  3. Does the Self-Identifier Matter? Self-Identifying As Having a Fertility Problem and Depressive Symptoms Among U.S. Couples Arthur Greil, Alfred University; Julia McQuillan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln;

  4. The Impact of Early Childcare Trajectories on Subsequent Fertility: The Case of France Anne Solaz, INED; Lidia Panico, Institut National d''Etudes Démographiques; Quentin Francou, ENSAE;

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