Thursday, June 7 / 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM   •   Room 'Auditorium QD'

Session 1186:
Mortality, Gender and Empowerment of Women

Chair: Gabriele Doblhammer, University of Rostock

  1. Infant and Child Mortality Differentials By Women’s Empowerment: New Insights from the Egyptian Demographic and Health Survey Guglielmo Maggi, Student; Niccolò Certi, Student; Curzio Checcucci, Student;

  2. Does Prenatal Sex Selection Reduce Gender Gaps in Child Mortality? Ridhi Kashyap, University of Oxford;

  3. Contribute of education to Infant and under-five mortality disparities among caste groups in India: Evidence from nationally representative surveys Jayanta Bora, Indian Institute of Dalit Studies;

  4. Gender Difference in Post-Neonatal Mortality By Type of Family in Rural South Asia Nandita Saikia, Jawaharlal Nehru University; Moradhvaj ., Jawharlal Nehru University;

  5. Income Inequality, Female Political Empowerment, and Population Health: A Cross-National Study of Mortality Risks Ross Macmillan, Bocconi; Naila Shofia, Bocconi; Wendy Sigle, LSE;

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