Saturday, June 9 / 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM   •   Room 'Auditorium QD'

Session 1196:
Mortality from a Cohort Perspective

Chair: Tobias Vogt, Population Research Centre, University of Groningen

  1. Detecting Public Health Crises: APC-Detrended Methodology and Residuals in a 25-Country, 35-Year Mortality Matrix Anja Leist, University of Luxembourg; Louis Chauvel, University of Luxembourg; Herbert Smith, University of Pennsylvania;

  2. Lifespan Inequality in Denmark, Sweden and Norway: How Long until Denmark Reduces the Gap? Rune Lindahl-Jacobsen, MaxO, University of Southern Denmark; James W. Vaupel, Max-Planck Odense Center, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark; José Manuel Aburto, MaxO, University of Southern Denmark; Maarten Wensink, MaxO, University of Southern Denmark;

  3. After the mortality improvements of the Golden Cohort, how has the Baby Boom generation fared? Good news and bad news. Marion Burkimsher, University of Lausanne;

  4. Debunking the Myth of Italian Longevity? a Cohort Approach. Stefano Mazzuco, University of Padova; Lucia Zanotto, University of Padova;

  5. How Has the Lower Boundary of Human Mortality Evolved and Has It Already Stopped Decreasing? Marcus Ebeling, University of Rostock & Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research;

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