Friday, June 8 / 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM   •   Auditorium QB

Session 88:
Fertility Desires and Intentions

Chair: Eva Beaujouan, Vienna Institute of Demography

  1. Housework, Gender Ideology and Partners' Fertility Intentions: Reconsidering Men's Role in Gender Revolution TheoryBarbara S. Okun, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ; Liat Raz-Yurovich, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  2. Measuring the Effect of Educational Attainment on Fertility Intentions: A Machine Learning ApproachFabian Stephany, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/OEAW, WU) ; Maria Rita Testa, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/ÖAW, WU)

  3. Self-Employment and Fertility Intentions in EuropeAntonella Bancalari, London School of Economics and Political Science ; Berkay Ozcan, London School of Economics

  4. How Does Men’s Involvement in the Family Affect Partners’ Fertility Plans and Preferences? Anna Matysiak, Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/ÖAW, WU), Vienna Institute of Demography/Austrian Academy of Sciences ; Anna Rybinska, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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