Friday, June 8 / 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM   •   D0.02

Session 91:
Linked Lives and the Lifecourse

Chair: Lívia Murinkó, Hungarian Demographic Research Institute

  1. Where You Live, or Who You Are? the Role of Childhood for Adult Health, Southern Sweden, 1900-2013Tommy Bengtsson, Centre for Economic Demography and Department of Economic History, Lund University ; Luciana Quaranta, Lund University, Department of Economic History and Centre for Economic Demography

  2. Long Term Effects of Childhood Family Structure on Interpersonal TrustKatya Ivanova, University of Amsterdam ; Matthijs Kalmijn, University of Amsterdam

  3. Behind Every Successful (Wo)Man Is a Successful Parent-in-Law?Jani Erola, University of Turku ; Sanna Kailaheimo, University of Turku ; Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, University of Turku ; Antti Tanskanen, University of Turku

  4. Patrilocal, Matrilocal or Neolocal? Intergenerational Proximity of Married Couples in ChinaTak Wing Chan, Institute of Education, University College London ; John Ermisch, University of Oxford ; Rob Gruijters, University of Oxford

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